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Period Purgatory

on June 10, 2013

11 DPO (days past ovulation) and still spotting. I like to call this time period purgatory because it’s this in between hell space. The spotting tells me my period is probably still coming, but the lack of a full-on start makes me think “maybe I’m pregnant?!”

My day goes something like this:

Wake up, take temp. 97.3, which is right on my cover line. Quite a drop from yesterday, probably started my period. Go in the bathroom, brace for it…nothing. Check cervical fluid, tinted. Mark it as spotting. Sitting at work, cramping a little, feel something maybe moisture? This is it, it started. To to the bathroom with a tampon at the ready…nothing. Spotting. Every time I go to the bathroom; brace for blood. None on my panties, passed test one. None on the toilet paper, passed test two. Every now and then take it to the next level and check cm; tinted. Spotting.

Spotting spotting spotting. It’s coming but not here. I’m always thinking about it, noticing every little twinge in my abdomen. Right now I think I feel something and want to go check. Realistically I think I will get my period, but I’m hoping its tomorrow so I can have added one day to my LP. But I can’t help thinking I could be pregnant, and hoping against all hope that I don’t start, really start, by Thursday so I can take a test. One that might be positive.

But I’ve been here before, and I know how this will end. With tears and wine, and hope that next month will be the one.


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