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Here I Still Am, And Here It Still Isn’t

on September 3, 2013

Sometimes I need to talk about it, and then for awhile I don’t. I started this blog, and then didn’t feel compelled to  write on it again for almost three months. Today I feel consumed by TTC, and so here i find myself again.

Suppose I should update…

After my 9th cycle ended, I contacted a fertility clinic to see about getting in. They never asked me how long I had been TTC, which I was worried about, and I set up an appointment for a couple weeks later. My husband went with me to the first appointment. I came armed with my charts for the last several months and hope that things would get moving soon. The doctor we saw, a female Dr. Klein, was very nice and asked us a lot of questions about our health and when we have sex and how I have been tracking my fertility. She looked at my charts and agreed that my luteal phase is a bit short and that may be cause for concern. She also said as far as timing goes, we are doing everything perfectly. She reviewed husband’s semen analysis and didn’t think there was anything to worry about there, it all looked good. Then she said she’d like to to an ultrasound just to check my egg reserve. It was a transvaginal ultrasound, which was not something I’ve had done before. It was cool to be able to make out my uterus and the lining. At the time of the appointment i was 3 DPO and she said the lining looked perfect for that time, nice and thick. Then she looked at each ovary, which was a bit uncomfortable. You could see all the follicles of maturing eggs, and there was I think 12 in one and 10 in the other, which she said was good. You could actually see a dark spot in one of the ovaries where a follicle had ruptured and an egg was released, which was really cool. She could tell from that that I had ovulated on the right side that cycle.

After making sure that my egg reserve was good, she said she’d like to draw some blood to check hormone levels and some other things, and we had also decided to do a genetic test to see if I am a carrier for any big genetic diseases. Then she said that based on my charts and the fact that we are doing everything right timing-wise, she is comfortable just starting me on some progesterone supplements in hopes that helps with the luteal phase, assuming that is the issue. Alternatively, if I want a more solid answer as to why we are having issues, we could do a series of blood draws over the course of a cycle to check levels of hormones, etc. Wanting to get things moving, I opted to start with the hormones. since they are meant to be started 3 DPO, I was good to start them that day if I like.

i started the vaginal suppositories of prometrium that day, and was told if and when I got my period to schedule an HSG to make sure my tubes are open. Of course I hoped and dreamed all cycle that I would have beginners luck and not need that HSG. I threw my best friend a baby shower hoping that cycle #10 would be my month. Spoiler alert; it wasn’t.  Though the Prometrium did keep me from spotting or starting my period, which is great, i took a HPT at 16 dpo and got a BFN, so I stopped taking it and got my period the next day.

A week later I had the HSG. Basically they have you lay on a table and they insert a catheter into your uterus and fill it with dye while taking an x-ray to see if the dye goes through your fallopian tubes and out the ends, or if it stops, indicating a blocked tube. I took the day off work after reading that some ladies have really bad pain with it, but it was okay. Though husband couldn’t be in the room due to the x-ray, he went with me and came in after to talk about the results. Both tubes are open.

I am now 14 dpo on cycle #11, taking the Prometrium for the second cycle. I guess I’ll wrap this up as an update and leave my thoughts on today for another post.


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