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Heart so full of hope and joy

on November 13, 2013

Today my heart feels explody (I made that word up) and tomorrow may just be too much to bear. I got a positive OPK and scheduled my IUI for tomorrow. The Husband’s appointment is at 9am and mine is at 10:30. When I told him this he said “I don’t need that long, only a few minutes!” So I explained that it’s the lab that needs that time to prepare the sperm. Silly boy.

I am really excited, and surprised that I am. Maybe it’s because my acupuncturist is so hopeful and excited, or because this is a new treatment. I haven’t really felt hopeful in several months. I should be able to test the day before Thanksgiving, so at least I can have some wine if it doesn’t work.

In the midst of painting the baby room and getting my positive OPK and having acupuncture, my best friend had her baby. Her 10 lb, 13 oz 22 inch baby girl. Vaginal birth, no epidural, no stitches. Can you say amazing?! I’m so proud of her, and overwhelmed with how much I love the baby already, and how badly I want my own. I just feel like I might burst.

I am going to be naughty and take the whole day off for my IUI, but really after the procedure I’m jetting up to my hometown (2.5 hours away) to see the baby, and then driving home later that day. I won’t be able to go up this weekend and I just can’t wait.

I just want this so much. I know you all do too, for yourselves and each other. You feel the ache. I know I will feel it when I hold that behemoth of a baby.



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