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on November 14, 2013

About a week ago my friend told me that a friend of her’s got pregnant the night of her wedding, surprise! When I was re-telling this to The Husband, I said in disgust “fertile motherfucker” and FMF was born. Now whenever we see someone pregnant and with another child or hear of someone getting pregnant by accident I just look at him and say “FMF.” It makes me feel better.

Yesterday I had my IUI. The husband’s appointment to provide his “sample” was at 9am, and my appointment was at 10:30. He had no problem getting things taken care of, which always surprises me. Pretty sure I couldn’t go into a room in a strange place and get down with myself in any kind of timely fashion. That’s men for ya I guess.

His pre and post wash numbers were both really good, as they were on his SA. The washed sample was 120 million swimmers, 68% motile. I found the IUI itself really uncomfortable. It actually hurt more than my HSG. The nurse warned me that if the catheter touches the sides of the uterus it causes a cramp, and I’m guessing that’s what it was. They didn’t have me stay lying down or anything, just took a couple minutes and I was good to go. I had a tiny bit of spotting and some light cramping throughout the day.

Immediately after, the Husband went to work and I played hookie and went to see my friend’s baby. She is very big for a newborn, so felt very sturdy and was so cute. My friend let me hold her for hours. Now I’m just hoping it’s my turn, sigh.

I can test the day before thanksgiving which sucks because whether it’s BFN or BFP I would like more time to process before the holiday. Also if it’s BFP that will make beta testing more difficult. Of course this is a problem I would love to have!

I’ll just be over here popping progesterone and Chinese herbs, courtesy of my acupuncturist, and trying not to go insane.


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