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on November 21, 2013

8dpIUI, and I seem to have caught myself a cold. Not too super bad, mostly a sore throat and a runny nose. But of course this gets me thinking that a cold can’t be good for any little embryos attempting to implant, so I consulted Dr. Google. I did find some things that said if you’re running a high fever (over 100) that is bad for implantation and pregnancy, but anything else should be okay. Of course just don’t take any meds that aren’t safe for pregnancy, just in case.

BUT I also found a bunch of things, mostly just message boards, saying that a cold during the TWW is a good thing, because it means your immunity is lowered, and this is either good for implantation because your body is too distracted by the illness to try and boot the pregnancy, or it actually means your pregnant because your immune system is lowered? None of these sources, mind you, were reputable. Just a bunch of women saying “I had a cold during the TWW the month I got my BFP!” But of course I’m going to take it as a hopeful thing.

I’ve also determined with certainty that I am incapable of having any self-control when it comes to taking early HPTs if they are in the house. I got my Wondfos yesterday, and I tested this morning. At only 8dpo. Come on! Too early! Of course it was a BFN, but now that I’ve opened the flood gates, I will probably just take them every day. The one thing I seem to be able to resist, though, is taking them multiple times a day. so I’ve still got that going for me.

A close friend was asking today about when I’m testing. I didn’t tell her I already started, but just mentioned next week. She asked if I was nervous or excited about testing. This is something several of my friends have asked me over the months. Maybe it’s just me,. but I really feel nothing when I take an HPT. I have just taken so many, and got so many BFNs, that it’s hard to expect anything else. So this really odd way I explained it to her:

Say that there is a cupboard in your house, and someone tells you that the cupboard will at some point contain a cat, and you should check it once a month. The first couple months you would be excited or nervous like “Is there going to be a cat, is there not going to be a cat?!” but over time, if month after month there was no cat, if after a YEAR there was no cat, you pretty much know there will be no cat in there. So you open it, but with little to no expectation. She said that makes sense, lol.

So here’s to hoping there’s a cat in my cupboard!


7 responses to “Sick

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi from ICLW! I too am a serial HPT tester. Once I take the first one, I keep taking them daily until I’m positive they’re correct.

    Good luck and I hope this one is a BFP! and

  2. Katie says:

    Personally, I love the cat-in-the-cupboard analogy. It only becomes difficult when you start hearing cat noises all over the house!

    • InfertileMyrtle says:

      Ha ha would the cat sounds be symptom spotting?! “i know it’s too early to check for the cat, but I swear I heard it. Oh hell I’m gonna check! Nope, no cat”

  3. Hi from ICLW. Bummer that you have a cold. I had one post IUI a few cycles back. My RE didn’t seem to concerned. It ended up a BFN, but I don’t think the cold had anything to do with it. Fingers crossed you get a BFP!

  4. Ha, best analogy ever! Doesn’t quite help explain the pain of there being “no cat”. Unless you’re talking to someone who really wants a cat ha ha.

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