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IUI #2

on January 7, 2014

I forgot to mention something in my last post about the monitoring appointment. When we were sitting there waiting for the doctor, I was just checking out the room and noticing a box of tissues. I started thinking about this room and all the excitement and sadness it sees. Kind of an “if these walls could talk” moment. I thought about all the people seeing first heartbeats courtesy of the dildo cam, and all the people finding out that their pregnancy isn’t viable. All the joy and devastation was pretty heavy.

Today I woke up to a very sore butt at the trigger injection site. After I got moving it went away. The husbands appointment was at 9, and I waited for him at a coffee shop near the clinic. When he finally met up he said that they were having computer issues and got back late. I thought he was having, ahem, difficulties. Then he said that after reading all the books where men detail their own experience in the donation room, it felt weird. Like he knows too much. Welcome to my world, buddy!

At 10:30 we went back for my appointment. They were still busy and behind but not too bad. It was actually our regular nurse, the one I always email and talk to, who did the IUI. Though we talk monthly I hadn’t seen her since October. I was surprised to see when she walked in that she’s quite pregnant. I made some comment like “you appear to be pregnant” (dumb but it just came out) which she just kind of ignored. How weird must it be to be pregnant working at a fertility clinic? My friend used to work at an abortion clinic and one of her coworkers was pregnant, which I thought must be awkward. After some discussion later, the husband and I decided it’s worse to be pregnant at an infertility clinic because it probably causes people more pain. Did I mention this weekend when we went shopping our checker was massively pregnant? And today while waiting at the coffee shop there was a pregnant woman with a toddler? Anyway, too many bellies.

She did the normal checking of my bracelet to make sure I’m me and that The Husbands sperm is his and I want it up in my business. Then came the going over the numbers part, which is really the only part The Husband pays attention to. His numbers are always really good and I think it gives him a boost (I should also add that while we were waiting for the nurse I was talking about blogs I read and he directly asked me if I have one and if I post his counts on it. I lied and said no, because blogging has been so so therapeutic for me and I just can’t risk him ruining it by asking for access. So Husband, I am very sorry for lying, and for the following). So here was what we got goin on post wash:

Motility: 72.7%
Total motile : 36.4 million
Rapid and linear: 0%

Yes, you read that right. 0% rapid and linear. The nurse said she asked the person who did the wash and they said that the sperm are moving, but not in a clear direction. Now, I totally don’t want to make The Husband feel bad. It’s not his fault and everyone has off days. So I just said “okay” and acted like it was no biggie. I could see that he wasn’t happy, but we didn’t really talk about it much. I have a feeling he needs some time to absorb it and he may want to talk about it tonight.

The IUI itself was approximately 7,000 times better than the last. It didn’t hurt at all, a barely felt a thing. Maybe this pregnant nurse is more skilled. I have had a little cramping today and a little spotting, but feeling okay. I start progsterone in Thursday. Good thing The Husband got me the big box of panty liners.

After I got to work I googled what the lack of Rapid linear sperm means for our odds of pregnancy. I actually found what looked like a study comparing success rates when there is a lack of rapid sperm for both IVF and IUI. The pregnancy rates on IVF weren’t affected, but the pregnancy rates for IUI were about 2.5% lower (10.4 to 7.9). So we’re taking already very low odds and reducing them.

Of course it’s disappointing, for both of us, but I am not upset. There’s nothing we could have done differently that I know of. It’s not his fault, and I know that if he gets all stressed about it he may just have a hard time giving the specimen next time. Of course I don’t have high hopes for this cycle, but then again I don’t really ever so it’s not too different.

I did take a HPT last night after the trigger and it was a very faint positive. Of course to me there was clearly a line, but The Husband said I was crazy. I asked the nurse if I should test it out and she said just wait two weeks and one day before I test. I only have 4 wondfos left, so I think i will test at like 7 dpo, when I know it’s too early to get a positive, and see if it’s out.

And thus commences the TWW.


8 responses to “IUI #2

  1. Susan says:

    Good luck! I LOVED testing my trigger out. It was nice to see the BFP even if it wasn’t “real” it meant my body was capable of expelling HCG in urine. Good luck, I know I already said that…but seriously I hope to hear good news in 2w1d 🙂

  2. IUI buddies this round! Our appointments were at the same time today. We didn’t get a linear measurement though? Makes me wonder? I want to test at least once and see what a fake BFP looks like, but I might try with a cheapie in the morning. Looking forward to seeing how your 2ww goes. I start progesterone tomorrow.

  3. Jen says:

    Good luck!! Lol, my hubby doesn’t know the full extent of my blog either.

  4. I don’t think my husband knows I have stuff about him on my blog. He knows I’m blogging but never asked for the link. Good luck!! Hope this is it for you!

    • Mallory says:

      I have a feeling if The Husband knew about the blog he would ask questions or start peeking over my shoulder. Maybe someday he’ll know, but not yet!

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