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The Infertile Brain

on January 9, 2014

“So today our friends Jeff and Jess who had two failed invitros this last year told us they are pregnant! All natural, she just entered her 2nd trimester. I know those types of stories are cliche, but OMG! I’m so happy for them, and continually so hopeful for you! Fertility is crazy shit that makes no sense.”

. It’s so weird how sometimes hearing another infertile achieving pregnancy gives you hope, and sometimes it just makes you feel jealous and shitty. No rhyme or reason really. Today this made me feel yucky, tomorrow maybe hopeful. How much fun to not know what to expect from your own thoughts!


6 responses to “The Infertile Brain

  1. Lo says:

    It would be great if that infertile brain of ours would kindly give us a heads up next time it’s going mind eff us. Literally.

  2. I get you. Last night I was googling IUI #1 success stories. Sometimes we need to hear about other people’s success to keep us going.

  3. I too have had the same reaction. You are so excited for them and then you become jealous because you have been working so hard for the same result. We are all human. I just have to take it day by day. So happy to find your blog!

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