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Stranger Vomit

on January 13, 2014

I am SO.TIRED. Walking zombie style. I had really strange dreams which I attribute to the HcG from the trigger still hanging out (tested today at 6dpo, still faint positive). And I am super unhappy with the Husband. Let me regale you with a rant story that for once has nothing to do with TTC.

The Husband and I took a three day weekend to a little town in the mountains known for being quaint and snowy and beautiful in the winter. The Husband’s younger brother house sat for us. This is not the first time he’s done so. He is currently living with their parents and will take any opportunity to get out from MIL’s watchful gaze. So on Saturday night while we’re in the mountains (where it did not snow one flake but rained the ENTIRE time) BIL texted The Husband and told him that our dog ate pizza and threw up on the bed. First let’s clarify which bed. Guest bed, good. Now why was the dog on the bed? She’s kind of small and old and can’t jump that high. He must have put her up there, whatever.

So Sunday, we drove back from the very very rainy mountain weekend and stopped by the in-laws. They said BIL had taken over the comforter to be washed since the dog vomited on it. They had also washed the sheets. Hm…so the dog was IN the bed when she barfed? Kay…

We get home and within a few minutes The Husband notices that there are two shot glasses used. Seems that BIL had company. We didn’t tell him that was okay, he also didn’t ask…I’m not mad so much as curious. Then The Husband goes upstairs and sees that in the guest shower there are long brown hairs. I don’t use that shower, and I don’t shed that much. When I investigated the shower situation I noticed that there was what looked like a handprint and some other body part print on the mirror. So now I’m thinking BIL banged some chick on our bathroom counter, and maybe he had to have the bedding washed because it was covered in sex. Now I’m a little peeved. It’s one thing to have a guest over, without permission, and have sex in the guest bed. It’s quite another to do it all over the bathroom counter, and then not even clean it up. I think it’s poor form to do it in someone else’s bathroom when there’s a bed RIGHT THERE. I told The Husband that he needs to ask BIL if he did it in the bathroom so I can clean it properly. It was clean when we left and I may just not really tend to it again so soon…unless there’s jizz on the counter. The Husband said he wasn’t going to ask him because it’s none of our business. Um…it’s our house. So yeah. My business. He said that HE would clean the bathroom. HA! His idea of clean it no large items on the counter or floor. So I just put on the rubber gloves and set to work bleaching the thing. When I got around the rim and to the floor of the toilet, I noticed some red..stuff. Stuff that to me looked like evidence or poorly cleaned up vomit. In a renewed fit of rage I told the husband he better fucking find out if someone threw up in that bathroom. Finally he texted BIL and got that yes, he did have someone over, and yes they threw up in the bed and in the sink and toilet. So apparently the whole “dog puked on the bed” thing was a cover up. At this point, I wanted to know who it was. Who did he bring in to my home that barfed on my stuff and made him lie about it. Once again, The Husband said I was being nosy. Why did I need to know who? Uh so if it was some fucking hoodrat he met downtown I make sure all my stuff is still there?! After more yelling, he found out it was a girl from work.

So to recap: BIL brings a stranger into our house without permission, said person gets too drunk and pukes on the bed and all over the bathroom, BIL tries to clean it up and claims it was the dog, and I clean it up while The Husband sits on the couch and defends his brother’s right to privacy. There was a lot of yelling, going to bed angry and waking up angry. BIL did not apologize to me until I texted him to say that was not cool. The Husband never apologized for his brother’s behavior. I finally just dropped it, but suffice to say BIL will never house sit again.

In other news, I’m sick. I also got sick after my last IUI. Which is really rude because I can’t even take anything. Suck it, universe.


4 responses to “Stranger Vomit

  1. Brianna says:

    Wow…just wow. I would be completely and utterly pissed off, too. And not cool that you’re sick 😦

  2. Susan says:

    YUCK. Yeah, banging in the bathroom would have been bad enough…having their vomit strewn about your house…that is GROSS. I’d be more than pissed off too. Enjoy MIL’s gaze a while longer!

  3. Oh gross. Totally don’t blame you for being pissed.

    I got sick right before my IUI this time around. My husband keeps offering me medicine, then remembering I can’t take anything. Cute.

    He also offered me scotch the other night. Double cute.

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