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Good News/Bad News

on February 7, 2014

Good News is that there is a management position open in my department. I applied for this position over the summer and almost got it, but was beat out by a girl who had more management experience. Well now that girl is quitting just 8 months after taking the job (bet you wish you’d picked me now, huh!) so it’s available once again. Unfortunately, since that time someone else who has a lot of management experience has come to the department and he will also he applying, which decreases my odds. but that’s not the bad news.

The bad news is why she’s quitting. When she took the job, she had a three year old from a previous marriage and had been dating a guy for a few months. Then she decided to go ahead and marry that guy about 7 months after getting together, in September. Crazy, but hey whatever floats your boat. Well now, not quite two months after she got married, she’s pregnant. So she is quitting in order to be a SAHM to her two kids. Fertile. Mother. Fucker. If it weren’t for the fact that this creates a career opportunity for me I would literally hate her.

My third IUI went very similarly to the last one. The nurse this time also did a fine job not making my uterus cramp up like crazy, unlike  nurse #1 who i now believe may have shoved the catheter into my uterus and then swirled it around. And bonus – she wasn’t extremely pregnant like nurse #2. So I suppose you’d say she was my favorite. The results of the SA (okay they don’t really call it an SA when it’s for the IUI but whatevs) was on the decline from the last one. When The Husband first had an SA back in May, his numbers were out of the park. Above average in every category except morphology, which was just average. Our clinic measures volume, motility, concentration,morphology, percent rapid & linear, and total sperm count. They don’t do morphology on the IUI analysis, but they still look at all the others. If you recall from IUI #2, the rapid and linear count was 0%. This time, it was 0% again. Also, motility was only about 30%, and what they want to see is 50%. On his first couple it was about 70%. The nurse tried to be very reassuring. She said that they only measure rapid & linear because they can, and they don’t even have a good understanding of how it affects success. She also said that it could just be that the part of the sample they looked at had none, but there were some in the rest. And she said that she’s seen IUIs where the SA numbers were terrible and still resulted in a pregnancy, and others where the numbers were amazing and it didn’t work. You just never know.

Right now I really have no feelings about this cycle. I’m having a really hard time having any hope. The Husband said he has hope for us both, so I will leave that to him. One thing I know for sure is that no matter how little hope you have for your cycle, you will start obsessing around 10DPO. I did get a bunch more wondfos so I can test the trigger out. Took one yesterday and it was a clear positive. I also actually thought to ask what brand the trigger was this time and they said it was called Pregnyl. I am planning to test every other day until it’s gone.

Have hope for me, kay? Thanks!


12 responses to “Good News/Bad News

  1. I’ll have hope for you, and you have hope for me because I have none for myself. And guilty as charged, 10DPIUI tomorrow and I’m thinking hmmm I really wanna test soon.

    • Mallory says:

      It’s terrible! You really can’t get a BFP at 10DPO (they say those who do are just seeing lines that aren’t there, then they turn into a real BFP) but it’s irresistible! Since this is your last IUI before stopping treatment I want it for you so bad! And this may be my last as well, not sure yet. I will hope for you, you hope for me!

  2. What’s with the declining sperm this month? Just keep reminding myself: it only takes one, it only takes one.

    • Mallory says:

      What’s so annoying is knowing that it takes 90 days for whatever they do to affect their sperm, so now I’m like “what did you do in November?!” It’s not like you can fix it fast, boo!

  3. Susan says:

    Oh wow, that’s a lot. Hopefully after they lost their candidate with much experience after 6 months they will give someone with less experience but better longevity a whirl! Keeping hope for your cycle too. Hugs.

    • Mallory says:

      I honestly think they regretted it a little and know I would have done a better job. I really have no clue what will happen this time, but I am very versed in accepting failure and disappointment at this point so I can handle it!

  4. I have tons of hope for you!!! Fingers crossed!

  5. Brianna says:

    Hoping, hoping, hoping, hoping, hoping for you.

  6. abwise says:

    Sending you boat loads of hope! Can’t wait to hear that the third time was the charm!

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