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12 dpIUI

on February 17, 2014

Just had one of those moments where I go “it’s 12 days past the IUI and I’m not spotting. Hmmmm, maybe there’s a chance!”

Then I go look at my Fertility Friend calendars from the last couple months and realize I haven’t started spotting until 14 dpIUI on the other two, so this is nothing special.

I’m out of town so I haven’t tested. I think if I had more hope I would have brought at least one HPT, but I don’t even feel the need to test really (At this moment, but you know how quickly the urge can strike). I’m just devouring my adoption book and waiting for the inevitable.

Spent last evening with my friend and her three month old. Spent hours discussing parenting and infertility, drinking wine. She told me that our friend, the one who back on thanksgiving essentially told me I shouldn’t feel sad I’m infertile because I have like ten child bearing years left and shouldn’t even be worrying about kids, admitted to her that though she apologized the next day, she thinks I’m ridiculous and doesn’t understand why I can’t “get over it.” Though I have texted this friend a few times since then, she has never asked and I have never offered anything to do with our struggle. I almost can’t wait until I see her in person again so she will ask how things are going and I can just shut her down. Either completely ignore her questions, or say “given your callous insensitivity in the past, I really don’t want to discuss this with you.” She would probably just think I’m a bitch and it would affect our friendship, but I really don’t care. She can suck a dick (which would be ironic because she’s gay).


11 responses to “12 dpIUI

  1. Kitten says:

    Your last line made me laugh my ass off! I’m sorry she’s so insensitive towards your struggle. I usually wouldn’t wish infertility on anyone, but to be honest, if that’s the only way she could understand, she deserves a taste of it.

    • Mallory says:

      I don’t think I she really wants kids, but her partner does. I hate to think how she would react if her partner was infertile. Either it would help her “get it” or they would break up because she would tell her to “get over it.”

  2. Brianna says:

    The bit about your “friend” is quite ironic!!! I vote for shutting her down leaving her behind. Someone that is going to hurt you, apologize, but then say that her apology wasn’t sincere behind your back is definitely not someone you want in your support network. Fingers crossed for you over the next few days.

    • Mallory says:

      It’s very sad because we’ve been friends since we were 4, but I’m not sure I can maintain a relationship with someone who discounts my feelings like that, no matter how long we’ve been friends.

  3. I second Kitten, your last line amused. Hugs!

  4. You are hilarious! I feel you. This weekend I’ve felt like NO ONE gets it. BTW, you are so strong for NOT testing. 12dpiui – another BFN for me. 😦

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