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I’m 29 and the Husband is 31. Here’s our story thus far…

May 2007 – we met through a mutual friend

October 2010 – He proposed the day before Halloween dressed as Fred Flintstone, i said yes

March 2012- We were married!

November 2012 – I went off birth control and we started actively trying

March 2013 – I started temping and discovered that my Luteal Phase is only 10-11 days long

April 2013 – The Husband did a semen analysis and it came back with above average results on everything except morphology, which was a little bit below normal but nothing to worry about.

May 2013 – I started seeing an acupuncturist in hopes of lengthening my LP. It added a day maybe, but still no BFP. I went to her three times a month for 3 months

July 2013 – got in touch with a RE at 10 months TTC with no BFP. We chose Seattle Reproductive Medicine. At our initial meeting she agreed my LP was short and put me on Progesterone after doing an ultrasound to check my egg reserve. She also took blood to do some other tests and recommended I do an HSG my next cycle.

August 2013 – Had an HSG to check for any blockage in my fallopian tubes. Dye cleared both tubes and spilled perfectly, no blockage and no abnormalities in the uterus.

September 2013 – RE added Clomid to the mix to hopefully produce more eggs. I had an ultrasound to see if it was working and had one really big follicle, but not multiples.

October 2013- We decided to do 4 IUI’s starting in November with some breaks between. The husband and I are not interested in doing IVF, so if the IUI’s don’t work we will be looking into adoption.

November 2013- IUI #1. BFN.

January 2014 – IUI #2. BFN.

February 2014 – IUI #3 BFN.

February 2014 – Consultation with RE about IVF, to consider it as a possible option. She said for our age range success rates are about 50-60% per cycle. After this appointment, The Husband thinks he might want to do IVF, while I still don’t. We decide to visit a couple adoption agencies and learn more about adoption before making a decision

March 2013 – We go to an adoption information meeting at Amara Parenting & Adoption Services in Seattle


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